Member Registration Agreement


Dear user, you are welcome to register as a user of this site. Before registration, please carefully read the following Terms of Service:

The service agreement between this site and this site, the service agreement is contractual effect.

After you confirm that the service agreement, the service agreement which produces legal effects between you and this site. Please be sure to read carefully before registering all the services agreement, if there is any doubt, to consult this website.

Whether you are in fact read carefully before registering the service agreement, as long as you click on the "Register" button on this site and follow the registration process successfully registered as a user, your behaviour still means that you agree and sign the service agreement. 


1. Site Terms of Service recognition and acceptance

The ownership and operation of the services of this website, owned by the site owner. 


2. The user must:

(1) Access to the Internet with the necessary equipment, including a personal computer, modem or other access devices necessary.

(2) Their own with this service and the phone charges, Internet access fees paid by individuals. 


3. Users on this site may not publish illegal information on the following trading platforms:

(1) Against the basic principles established by law; and

(2) Jeopardise national security, leaking state secrets, subverting state power;

(3) Harm national honour and interests;

(4) Incitement to ethnic hatred, ethnic discrimination, undermining national unity;

(5) Violate the state religion policies or propagate cult and feudal superstition;

(6) Spread rumours, disturbs the social order or undermines social stability;

(7) Spreading obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, homicide, terror or instigate crimes;

(8) Insult or slander others, infringe upon the legitimate rights of others;

(9) Containing the laws and administrative regulations prohibit the other content of. 


4. Personal data

 The user agrees:

(1) Providing timely, accurate and detailed personal information.

(2) Agree to receive information from this site.

(3) Update registration information, with timely, detailed and accurate requirements. All the original type of information will be used for registration information.

(4) This site does not disclose the name, address, e-mail and write the following cases:

(A) Authorised users of this website to disclose such information.

(B) The appropriate legal and procedural requirements of this site to provide users of personal data. If the user information provided contains incorrect information, this website reserves the end users of this website information service eligibility rights. 


5. E-mail

Registered users should choose stability and security are relatively good e-mail and agree to accept and read this site all kinds of emails sent to the user. As users do not accept e-mail from their e-mail or by e-mail user or users to receive emails and read e-mail program itself makes the problem cannot be properly received or read, as long as the success of this site send e-mail, should be regarded as users have received related emails. E-mail server on the letter issued by the recorded time deemed given time. 


6. Terms of service

This site has the right to modify the terms of service when necessary, once the present terms of service change, will prompt changes in the important page. If you do not agree to change the content, the user can cancel this website information service available. If you continue to enjoy this website information service is deemed to have accepted the terms of service. This site anytime to modify or discontinue the service without notice to the user retention. This site to modify or discontinue the exercise, without the user or a third party is responsible. 


7. User privacy system

Respect user privacy is a basic policy of this site. So, when this site will not be without legal authority when users open, edit or disclose their registration information and stored on the website of the non-disclosure unless there are legal licensing requirements or this website in good faith on the basis that the information disclosed in the following four conditions are necessary:

(1) Comply with the law, to comply with this site legal services program.

(2) Maintain the maintenance of trademark ownership of the site.

(3) In the case of emergency to safeguard personal privacy and the public's safety.

(4) Meet other related requirements.

The website reserves the right to release members of demographic analysis of the funding. 


8. User account, password and security

Once you have successfully registered as a user, you will receive a password and account number. If you do not protect, manage their account and password security will bear full responsibility. In addition, each user must account fully responsible for all activities and events. You can always change your password according to the instructions, you can also end the old account re-opened a new account. Users agree that if any illegal use of user accounts or security vulnerabilities, please immediately notice this site. 


9. Refused to provide security

The user expressly agrees to the use of information services at the risk of individual users. This site does not guarantee service will not be interrupted, the timeliness of service, security, mistakes do not occur as a guarantee, but will be within the ability to avoid mistakes. 


10. Limited Liability

This site for any direct, indirect, incidental, special and following the damage from irresponsible, the damage from improper use of the website services or users send information to non-compliance and the like. These acts may result in damage to the image of this site, this site prior to the possibility of such damages, and will try to avoid such damage. 


11. Information storage and restrictions

This site has determined that the rights of the user's behaviour meet the requirements of the Terms of Service and the spirit if the user violates the provisions of these Terms of Service, this site has the right to interrupt its service account. 


12. User Management

Users must follow:

(1) The use of information services for illegal purposes.

(2) Does not interfere with or confusion network services.

(3) Comply with all network services agreement, regulations, procedures and practices. Conduct user's Internet regulations, policies, procedures and practices as a basis. 


13. Guarantee

Users agree to protect and safeguard the interests of all members of the site, is responsible for the payment service used by the user is out of range due to legal fees, violation of the terms of service compensation for the damage, recourse fee others use the user's computer, account and other intellectual property rights. 


14. End of service

Or users of this site may be interrupted at any time one or more services in accordance with the actual situation. This site without any personal or third party at any time interrupt service. If users object to any terms of service recommendations or modify the terms of the later objections, or dissatisfied with the services of this website, you can exercise the following rights:

(1) No longer use this website information service.

(2) Notify the site to stop the users of services.

End user services, users of this website immediately suspended. Since then, the user has no rights, this site has no obligation to send any pending or completed information services to users or third parties. 


15. Notice

All notices can be transmitted to others through the important pages of notices or e-mail or regular mail. Terms of service, service changes or circular will be other important events. 


16. Ownership information content

This site definition of information includes: text, software, sound, photographs, video, graphics; the entire contents of the advertisement; other information on this website for the user. All these elements by copyright, trademarks, labels and other property ownership laws. Therefore, the user can only be used at this site and advertisers authorization to use the content, but not unauthorised copying, recycled content, or create content-related derivative products of. 


17. Legal

The website information to explain the terms of service agreement with New Zealand law. Users of this site and agreed to submit the site location of the competent court of jurisdiction. As happened with New Zealand on this website terms of service contrary to law, then these provisions will be required by law to re-interpret, while other provisions still maintain the user's binding.